Level of luxury on safari In general

Selection of lodges, hotels and tented camps. We have always maintained complete independence and objectivity when selecting and recommending specific safari lodges, hotels and tented camps in Kenya and Tanzania. This allows us the freedom to combine whatever areas, accommodation and safaris we believe will suit you best, without the limitations and extra cost.

The more luxurious the safari, the more expensive the safari, however, the cost at most safari camps and lodges in Kenya and Tanzania includes all your meals, sometimes drinks and laundry are also included in the rate. Always allow for tips and souvenirs when planning your “spending money”. Exchange rates fluctuate, and can have an impact on the final cost of your safari in some cases. Similarly, governments normally change visa fees, park fees, tourism levies or sales taxes, which can impact travel costs. Try to determine what you can realistically afford, and keep in mind that in general, you get what you pay for: safaris in Kenya and Tanzania are no exception. Do not buy into the popular misconception that because much of Africa is “third world”, accommodations and services are cheap. We are admittedly keen about the quality of service and lodging we offer you while on safari, and we are especially particular about the guides we send on safari, because they will determine not only the success of your game viewing, but also the value and quality of the whole experience and eventually – your memories of a lifetime experience.