How to give your Feedback

At African Home Adventure limited, we believe that working should not only be easy, but that dealing with us on a face-to-face basis, should also be a pleasure. We’d like to create a lasting impression of excellence by recognizing that everyone has a different travel preferences and budget, and we dedicate ourselves to giving a unique style of travel for everyone who wants to add value to their holidays and this is our sole responsibility.
To do this, we need to know when we are getting things right…and when we’re getting things wrong. It’s just as important for us to know when we’re meeting, or exceeding, your expectations as it is for us to know when we are not and when we need to do better.
By sending to us your feedback after your trip with us, you will have the opportunity to not only let us know what you think of our service, but also to give us the specific details of your compliment or complaint. If you’d like to compliment a staff member in particular or comment on some aspect of our service in general, you can be sure we’ll pass your comments on.


Everyone appreciates a pat on the back, and to be recognized for a job well done. Every time you pay a staff member a compliment, your comments are recorded and we make sure that those staff members who’ve gone the extra mile get the recognition they deserve. It will therefore be appreciated if you could fill in this compliments form to send your compliment.


If you are unhappy with our service, we need to know about it. This gives us the chance to put the matter right and ensures we improve our service to you in the future.
The quickest way for your complaint to be addressed is to speak to our staff member at our offices, either personally or by telephone. You can also put your complaints in writing using this form.


Of course we’ll do our best to resolve your complaint immediately and with the minimum of inconvenience to you.
The first thing do to is to try and understand exactly what the problem is and what we can do to put the matter right.Sometimes admittedly, we’re not able to sort the problem out right away. If we can’t resolve a complaint by the following day rest assured that you will receive:

+ A written acknowledgement of your complaint
+ The name and contact details of the staff member that is dealing with it.

If your complaint is going to take a while to investigate, we’ll make sure we keep you informed of the progress. We always do our best to try and resolve a complaint within two weeks. If for some reasons we are unable do so, we’ll write to you explaining why, and let you know when your complaint will be resolved.

After four weeks, we’ll send you a final response or a further progress report if investigations are still being conducted.


If for whatever reason you are not happy with the response you receive from us, please get in touch with the person or department that handled your complaint. You can then discuss, and agree on what steps will be taken next.
If you are still not happy with our efforts to resolve your complaint, you can request a review from the African Home Adventure Limited office through this contact us.

We really do appreciate your feedback. The more feedback we have from you the more we can get it right every time for every client.