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African Home Adventure Safaris Kenya and Tanzania has led several groups on an expedition up kilimanjaro climbing tours with client's of different ages and level of experience. As africa’s highest mountain at an attitude of 5896 m no kilimanjaro climbing safaris experience is required but you should be in good physical condition and consider equipping yourself with the necessary mount kilimanjaro climbing gears, we recommend that mount kilimanjaro climbers be “open minded people ” with a well-developed sense of humor for us to maintain our high standards of operation. We limit our kilimanjaro climbing tours to 10 people per group.

If you are interested in climbing mount kilimanjaro or trekking mount meru in tanzania with us and would like assistance in acquiring group rates please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our sales team will get back to you with a more detailed programs and price quote.

Mount Kilimanjaro Climbing Itineraries.

marangu route mt. kilimanjaro climbing in tanzania
marangu route is the most popular trekking safari route to kilimanjaro’s snow summit in tanzania. Probably because it's the least expensive route up on kilimanjaro climbing tour among the other routes, but also takes the advisable days to get to the summit at ...5 days from arusha..... or ....6 days from nairobi......

machame route kilimanjaro safari in tanzania
machame route  every now and then termed as the whisky path. This is a celebrated track up steep paths through tremendous forests to gain a ridge leading finished the moorland zones to the shira plateau. It then traverses below the glaciated precipices of the southern icefields to meet the barafu way to the peak elevation. very beautiful and easy to acclimatize route...6 days from arusha... or ...7 days from nairobi...

umbwe route mount kilimanjaro trekking tour
The umbwe route is one of the direct routes to the southern glaciers furthermore the western breach. It is maybe the most scenic, non-technical route on mount kilimanjaro. It is relatively taxing, initially due to the reasonably fast ascent to higher altitude, but the rewards are plentiful. Very steep route best suited to more experienced trekkers. Not very frequented with climbers 6 days from arusha.. or ..7 days from nairobi...

lemosho route on kilimanjaro climbing tours
lemosho route is the most foresightful and numerous far-flung route to mount kilimanjaro in tanzania. Following lovely forests and moorlands it crosses the shira plateau to link up wide awake with the machame route. Kinds may well be accompanied on the first day by an furnished ranger for the forests regarding the lemosho glades are rich in buffalo, elephant and variant game.kilimanjaro hemingway, kilimanjaro darkjazz. Climbing and watching wildlife on foot.6 days from Arusha or 7 Days from Arusha

rongai route on kilimanjaro trekking tours
The rongai route ascends kilimanjaro from the north-eastern side of the mountain, along the border between tanzania and kenya. This route retains a sense of unspoilt wilderness and offers a different perspective on kilimanjaro by approaching it from the north. No experience is required for climbing but you should be in good physical condition as its a little technical... 6 days 5 nights from arusha...

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